Ashley Cole will be starring alongside Football Factory actor Danny Dyer in a new documentary-drama called Played. We wouldn’t put Cole down as the acting type, but luckily for him the role will only be a cameo so no big responsibility there.

The football based drama is about an underhand football agent living the Premier League lifestyle and dealing with all the problems that comes with it.

A source told the Sun newspaper that the drama features a few dodgy scenarios including underhand transfers and sleeping around with different women. So it’s no surprise that directors have chosen the loverat of the century to be a part of the film.

A handful of Hollyoaks stars have unfortunately auditioned for WAG roles and Ashley’s ex, Cheryl Cole, is for some strange reason financially backing the film.

The whole thing sounds like a big fat fail to me, but since it’s a Danny Dyer film I’ll pretend to be excited about it.

Do you think Ashley Cole will do a good job?