If like the rest of the world you didn’t notice and/or care, Boy Better Know’s Jammer has been absent from Twitter recently and has had his “management” *side eye* tweeting on his behalf. But on Tuesday he announced that he is back to take over our timelines.

Did the east London MC really think he had fooled us into thinking for a second that his “management” were really responsible for the tweets coming from his account? Sorry Jammer, but we weren’t convinced. We can all refer to ourselves in the third person.

To add to the hilarity he declared that he was only going to be back on Twitter for a day to wreak havoc and then log off for a year, but unsurprisingly Jammer is still tweeting.

Jammer initially left the social networking site following his tantrum over Ghetts not showing enough love to the grime scene and rumours about Ghetts punching him. Since he’s been back he’s been heavily promoting his work on Lord Of The Mics 3, as the official single has just dropped. Hmm coincidence? We think not.

We’re glad to see Jammer promoting his new material, but we think all this attention seeking needs to stop.