Sunglasses are the ultimate celebrity accessory. They can hide a multitude of sins, red eyes, bad eyebrows and eye bags. With more and more male celebrities wearing sunglasses, not just in the summer, but indoors and in the winter, Pappzd takes a look at some of our top celebs and finds out what’s lurking behind those sunnies.

Tinie Tempah

As Tinie poses here with a sultry bad boy look and super cool sunnies, he’s looking pretty hot, but what happens if we take off those shades?

We think Tinie looks a lot better without the sunglasses, those eyes are just dazzling!

Pappzd Verdict: Take Them Off!

Tinchy Stryder

Pint sized rapper Tinchy Stryder is notorious for wearing sunglasses on stage, at events and probably even in bed! But what lurks beneath those sunnies?

We’re so used to seeing Tinchy in his sunglasses we were almost afraid to find out! But it seems that his shades really do make a difference and we can kind of understand why he has an addiction.

Pappzd Verdict: Keep Them On

DJ Ironik

DJ Ironik is infamous for wearing sunglasses absolutely everywhere, in fact we had to search pretty hard to find a picture of him without them on, but we did. Let’s unmask this superstar…

Whoa! You know the saying, don’t take down a wall until you know why it was put up? Yes, well we kind of regret unmasking DJ Ironik.

Pappzd Verdict: Keep Them On, at all times…please.

Fazer from N-Dubz

N-Dubz star Fazer is known for his love of the celebrity lifestyle, so it’s no surprise that he’s always seen in huge sunglasses, but what does the rapper look like without them?

Yum! Why does Fazer hide those deep, dark eyes with goofy sunglasses? Perhaps his girlfriend Tulisa is aware of their seductive powers and forces him to keep them covered up.

Pappzd Verdict: Take Them Off

Professor Green

Professor Green is known for having a huge range of different sunnies, but he is really living up to his name here, looking like the goofy and evil professor from a children’s cartoon and not at all like a superstar rapper.

We have no idea why Pro Green is such a huge fan of sunglasses because by wearing them he hides his gorgeous green eyes! *swoon*

Pappzd Verdict: Take Them Off


We know Skepta likes to wear his Sunglasses at Night, and his designer shades certainly give him that showbiz sparkle. But without the shades we can see the mysterious, distant look in his dark, brown eyes, much better!

Pappzd Verdict: Take Them Off

So who looks the best in their sunnies? And who should keep them firmly on at all times? Let us know your thoughts.