Teeny tiny little Cher Lloyd has revealed that she is jealous of women with curves and fuller figures and would like to have some more meat on her, particularly on her bum.

Cher said that she admire’s women such as Kim Kardashian and JLo, who are also part of the bigger back-off gang. The X Factor singer went on to confess that she would like to have a bigger bum, like Beyoncé. Wouldn’t we all!

It’s slightly hard to imagine the Swagger Jagger star having a curvier shape, as we are so used to seeing her small size 4 frame. Right now her arse looks more like a flat pack than a shelf. But Cher insists that she is eating a lot more in an attempt to gain some weight.

It doesn’t matter how many kebabs I eat. I want a bit of pork on me.

Earlier this month Cher received criticism over how thin her legs looked when she performed on X Factor. Well, if eating all the kebabs in the country doesn’t work, then there’s always the option of butt implants.

What do you guys think Cher would look like with some junk in her trunk?