Chloe Green has been snapped out and about on numerous occasions with celebrity blogger Vas J Morgan, leading some to believe that their friendship is more than platonic. And last night the two party animals were spotted holding hands after a night out in celebrity club Merah.

The daughter of Topshop billionaire Philip Green has been linked with many famous men lately and Vas J Morgan is the latest man to join the ‘Who is Chloe Green Dating’ list.

Chloe and Vas had spent the evening at Merah where TOWIE’s Lauren Pope was DJing and clasped hands like lovers outside the club. The pair are also taking a holiday together but Vas has denied the claims that the two of them are dating.

How cute! We still think they should give it a go, and who knows maybe they’ll come back from their holiday more than friends.

Do you think Chloe and Vas are dating? Or are they just friends with benefits? And by benefits we mean Topshop discount!