Controversial rapper Dappy has revealed that he has hooked up with guitarist and Queen legend Brian May for his new single Rockstar.

The former N-Dubz frontman apparently linked up with May after the rockstar said that Dappy’s lyrics to his number one single No Regrets were ‘worthy of an award’.

So basically Dappy thought, ‘well if he liked the track he must want to  jump on my next one’. Talk about give them an inch they’ll take a mile. But it obviously paid off . The 24-year-old told Newsbeat,

 He basically said he liked my record No Regrets. I hollered him and said ‘Do you wanna be on my second one?’ He said ‘Most definitely’.

Now this isn’t the first time Brian May has featured on a pop record. Remember 5ive’s version of We Will Rock You?  Let’s leave it there.

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