It’s always nice to see a man with ambition and no one has more than this years X Factor hopeful Derry Mensah. After confessing his love for Kelly Rowland during the audition stages, the 20-year-old has now set his sights on the newly single Nicole Scherzinger.

On Saturday nights X Factor we saw Derry do it old school and hand Nicole his phone number on a piece of paper as she came off stage. She didn’t look too convinced when he told her to call him, but then again she probably has over 100 phone numbers handed to her each week.

We applaud Derry’s efforts though. While some contestants are shagging anything with a pulse, *cough* Frankie Cocozza *cough*, The Risk member has set his standards rather high and is only aiming for the most glamorous pop stars.

Now we’re all for a guy with standards, but Derry’s seem to be limited to women out of his reach, but hey, if all else fails, we’re sure Sammi will have you!

What do you think of Derry’s efforts? Should he give up or keep trying?