After Sundays elimination of his group The Risk, Derry Mensah has realised that he may have to set his standards a bit lower than A list glamorous pop stars and go for some regular girls.

So far the X factor contestant had been aiming high with his crushes, firstly by confessing his love for Kelly Rowland at the audition stages of the competition and this week giving his number to a less than eager Nicole Scherzinger.

But not being part of the show anymore has brought the singer back down to earth as he was spotted leaving Whisky Mist with not one, but two pretty normal looking girls. Well they look normal from what we can see, although they are doing a very good job of covering their faces in these pictures.

Maybe the girls were embarrassed to be leaving the club with what looks like someone who has gone apple bobbing in a bowl of flour. What exactly is on Derry’s face? Halloween was last week mate.

Oh dear, we hope losing X Factor doesn’t take its toll. We’re anticipating The Risk will do a JLS and come back on the scene better than before. As soon as Derry’s washed his face that is.

What do you guys think of his new taste in ladies? Is it more realistic?