For the first time in his career Dizzee Rascal has signed an ‘unprecedented multi-layered deal’ with label giant, Universal Music.

The 27-year-old released his first three albums on XL, while his platinum selling album Tongue n’ Cheek was released through his own label Dirtee Stank. Universal Music recently bought EMI records for £1.2 billion, inheriting other big artists such as Coldplay and Tinie Tempah.

The record deal will also invest in the rapper’s own Dirtee Stank artists, including Newham Genereals, Pepper, Klass A and Smurfie Syco, which is great news for them and even better news for Dizzee.

The Bonkers star will bring out his next album on imprint Island Records next year, home to the late Amy Winehouse and U2.

What do you guys think of Dizzee’s new deal? Will it prove successful?