In an interview with on Monday, Estelle spoke out about what she feels lead to the UK riots earlier this year.

When asked for her opinion on the top issues that young people in the UK are facing and what they are so upset about, the former Londoner said

[the government] wants to tell you you can’t get on, you can’t do this, you can’t do that. At the same time as they’re saying, “look, the opportunities are here,” they say, you can’t have access to them, you’re not qualified to go there.

There should be a level of respect, and it’s not given, especially to the young people, and I think that’s why they burned the place down.

Estelle went on to say that the situation in the UK is nothing new and existed when she was living here. The racial discrimination displayed by the Government was another reason that pushed her to move to the States.

You can’t get on because everyone’s telling you you’re not the right shade. Everyone’s telling us that we ain’t from the right area, can’t get on because everyone’s telling us that there’s no money. What the hell?!? We’re young, and we’re just trying to get ours! They’re trying to tell us we’re nothing. I know, I feel the frustration. It happened 10 years ago; it happened 20 years ago. I feel it, I lived it, and I chose to move.

Although she admitted that she could relate to the anger and resentment of today’s youth, she also felt that the riots were still not the wisest reaction.

I get it. It’s really fucking hard. Imagine being told, “You ain’t shit, you ain’t about to be shit. Your people may have made it, but fuck you.” That’s the most frustrating thing to be told, and to be faced with everyday. I kinda don’t blame them. But I kinda am upset at the ones that want to mess with other people’s lives. They’re dumb. That wasn’t the way to do it. There has to be another way, because I don’t think that was the way to do it. But I can understand their frustration.

Are comments like this from Estelle helping or hindering the situation? Does she have a right to make these statements when she doesn’t live here anymore? Let us know what you think.