N-Dubz rapper Fazer is apparently the latest BFF of British supermodel Kate Moss. The unlikely pair have been seen out partying together and Kate is helping him with plans for his own fashion line as he follows in the steps of his fellow bandmate Dappy.  Hmm copycat much?

A source reported:

Kate and her set have taken Fazer under their wing. As unlikely as it seems, they have formed a genuine friendship and have enjoyed many a night out together. She’s got a great eye and she knows how to market things. There is even talk that she could feature in the ad campaign.

All we can think about is how Tulisa’s feeling! The Fazer and Misha B rumours pissed her off, but if Fazer cosies up to Kate Moss… now that would be a problem! Despite the fact that we can’t imagine a conversation between Fazer and Kate, her influence on his style can only be a good thing. We just hope his line doesn’t feature any of those awful turtle necks.