British Comedienne Gina Yashere revealed in an interview with The Voice, that she doesn’t believe that 19-year-old X Factor contestant Misha B will win the competition because of they way she looks.

The east London star, who is known for her larger than life characters, told the paper that even though Misha is one of her favourites, she will never look like or be Leona Lewis and that Tulisa’s on air bullying accusations towards Misha didn’t do her any favours for popularity.

If there was any justice in the world she would win, but there isn’t. She’s not Leona Lewis, all light-skinned and pretty. She’s black and she’s big. She’s a combination of Missy Elliot, Nicki Minaj and Grace Jones – she’s too out there… Tulisa messed her up! Why would you say that out on live TV and not think that would affect her popularity… I’ve got no doubt she’s most probably a big diva, but so what if you’re super talented, good at what you do and you’re the best! What’s wrong with knowing you’re the best? Everybody knows she’s the best, it’s obvious.

Wow Gina, tell us what you really think! X Factor bosses may need to consider putting Gina on the X Factor judging panel. Of course we’ll have to wait for one of the judges to pull a sickie first.

Do you agree with Gina? Can Misha B win the competition? Tell us what you think.