After three years of working together, UK girl group RD have officially split. The girls were dropped from their label a few weeks ago and despite an initial decision to remain a band, Troy Hudson left the group.

The Got Me Burnin’ singers, who were getting ready to support Tinchy Stryder on his tour, have been tweeting essays using twit longer, explaining the situation to their fans. Troy wrote

Hey guys
A couple of weeks ago, we were dropped by our label. We was going to continue on as a trio but guess we just weren’t right for each other.
As of now, I am longer a part of RD. I decided to leave the group to embark on a new journey.
This whole year has been tough for all 3 of us. I think that its was a long time coming for this decision, and it was going to come from one of us three, and this time around it was me. I love Martika and Chronz from the bottom of my heart. They are my sisters. We have been through the toughest of times together, as well as great times. And that’s what kept us strong.
RD is a series of life events, memories and moments, that we shall never forget nor regret! We love all of our fans and supporters, you guys are what kept this alive for so long.
Don’t ever see this as the end, we are still a unit, just not as a group.

I hope you take this well, I know its hard and its sad to hear, but we are all good and well, and we’re still here for each other. #TeamRD all the way! x

God Bless

Troy Hudson x

The band have been remaining positive with their tweets, and there’s no a hint of any animosity between the girls.!/RDOfficial/status/132423091795136513!/RDOfficial/status/132423732282130433

It was only recently that Pappzd interviewed the girls and we were so sure that they were going to reach new levels. Well, we wish the girls the very best of luck, and we hope to see them progress individually and pop up on Pappzd soon!