In what seems like some sort of musical epidemic, another girl group has called it quits. This time it’s south London based girl group R.T.I who are rumoured to have split.

Raquel, Tina and Ivy have been together since 2000 and unlike RD have known each other since childhood. Not only did the talented singers reach the X Factor boot camp in 2008, but they have also performed with American stars Ne-yo and Trey Songz.

Although there has been no official word yet, one of the members, 21-year-old Raquel, has decided to create her own personal Twitter account, hinting at a possible solo career.!/RTIMUSIC/status/135447498645970944!/RTIMUSIC/status/135049193797595136

We really don’t know what’s happening with girl groups these days, but it looks like our favourite current girl band will have to be X Factor’s Little Mix, by default.