Earlier this year we reported about Jessie J wanting to shave her head for charity and tweeting about it. Well it looks like she is actually going through with it next year!

The singer has decided to take it to the extreme by going for the shaved head look, but she isn’t remotely worried. In an interview with Cosmopolitan magazine she said

I’m shaving my head next year for charity – it’s definitely happening if I raise a million, which I think I will. I’ve spoken to a few celebrities who are interested too. I’m quite excited at getting rid of the bob. People say, ‘But your hair is so nice.’But I can wear wigs and no one would ever know. And if I can save some lives then that’s amazing.

Jessie is no stranger to experimenting with her hairstyles. Who can forget that yardie inspired red dip dye look? But she has become known for her signature black bob so it will be interesting to see how this new grade zero all over suits her.

We don’t think it will look quite as good as when Natalie Portman did it, but we applaud Jessie’s effort and supporting a good cause.

What do you guys think of Jessie’s charitable act? Will the shaved head suit her?