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Graham Norton’s Friday night BBC One show just finished and there was a bit of a funny moment at the end. Joining Graham on the couch tonight was Apprentice boss Lord Sugar, cockney comedian Micky Flanagan, Sir Cliff Richard and everybody’s favourite American hottie, sick note Kelly Rowland.

Nothing much to report from the show until the end when Graham asked Kelly to get up to perform her brand new song Down For Whatever.

Looking delicious and juicy in her all black get-up with hot leather leggings, Kelly got up to strut to the stage and everybody EXCEPT Sir Cliff looked back at the show’s presenter, Graham.

If you look closely at the video, Sir Cliff can clearly be seen focusing his 71-year-old eyes on Kelly’s derriere, sheer lust and sinful thoughts cascading through his famously Christian mind.

For years there has been speculation over whether the ‘perrenial’ bachelor is gay or not and this might just draw a line on it. He clearly wanted some. And even if he is gay, thoughts of bi-curious experimentation must have run through his thoughts.

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