Main: Nathan Stewart-Jarrett, inset: Jamal Edwards

Jamal Edwards took to Twitter last night and branded Nathan Stewart-Jarrett, aka Curtis from  Misfits, a ‘douchebag’ after he refused to take a picture with the SB.TV founder on Saturday night.

Though Jamal has become a celebrity in his own right, we can’t blame him for still getting a little star struck when he meets actors like Nathan. And the least the Misfits favourite could do was take a quick snap with a fan, right? Wrong!

Despite getting aired by Jarrett, Jamal still managed to grab a pic with ex Misfits star Robert Sheehan who played Nathan Young in the drama. In your face Jarrett!

But Jamal ‘nice guy’ Edwards soon ended his rant on a positive note to his followers. Bless.

Was Jamal right to publicise Nathan’s alleged arrogance? Or was he being a Stan? Share your thoughts…