Kelly Rowland’s  X Factor hopefuls: Janet, Misha and Amelia, turned up to the Twilight Breaking Dawn premiere looking lost without their mentor.

Mistaking the premiere for a fancy dress party, the girls showed up in mismatched outfits that Kelly would sack her stylist for even showing to her.

Kelly’s Girls look very uncertain about their outfits and we don’t blame them. Janet’s dress is completely wrong for her skin type and the tasselled belt just isn’t doing it for us.

Misha sticks to black as usual but chooses an appropriate skirt length (woohooo) and those shoes are to die for. But we would love to see Misha B in something less trashy and more colourful.

New addition Amelia tries to work the girly-rocker look with a princess dress and heavy jewellery, but she gets a big fat zero outfit score from us.

Come back soon and help your girls out Kelly!

What do you think of their outfits?