We all know that the boys of JLS like to splash out on the the odd item from time to time, whether its a flash car, a designer wardrobe or some hot arm candy. But JLS member JB has definitely named himself as the biggest spender in the group as he wasted spent £12,000 on a chess set. Yes, you read correctly-a chess set.

The 25-year-old, who is a keen chess player, even managed to outbid Hollywood film star Bruce Willis for the luxury set that was used in the 2006 film Lucky Number Slevin which Bruce starred in. A source told the Sun

JB has always been a huge chess fanatic…He hadn’t played it for a while but picked it up again when he was on tour with the band…This set is particularly swanky and as JB is a big fan of the film he thought he’d invest.

Well it’s clear that JB doesn’t mind spending £12k on a game of chess, but just think about all the heels he could have bought the Pappzd girls. *Sigh*