JLS’ Oritse Williams got more than he bargained for when he performed at London’s G.A.Y with the rest of the band on Saturday night. All was going to plan until a Buxom stripper appeared on stage wearing a black leotard, stockings and pearls with only one man on her mind.

The rest of the band, who looked mischievously on, had hired the stripper named Gloria to perform on stage with Oritse in celebration of his 25th birthday.

And let’s just say there was whipped cream, boob diving and a whole lot of booty that Oritse found himself in. And by the looks of it, he was enjoying it a little too much. The birthday boy did tweet about his little encounter, vowing to get Aston, JB and Marvin back, but we don’t how he’s going to top this.

We wonder if the fun continued after he show…