Warning: Video contains offensive language

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Boy Better Know MC JME was stopped by police in Barnet on Tuesday night. In a damning piece of footage we get to see David Cameron’s Government’s racial profiling in its most offensive form.

The north London rapper was driving a BMW X6 in Barnet with his friends when police officers pulled him over and ordered him to get out of his car. One of his passengers secretly recorded the exchange with mobile phone video. In the seven minute clip, a policeman is clearly heard saying

Tell you why we stopped you, lovely car… When we see your car, lovely car like this we think it’s coming out of an estate, you don’t find many nice cars like this… it’s just a routine stop… There’s been lots of burglaries, lots of robberies

The officer goes on to accuse JME of being ‘arsey’ to which the rapper replies that he should be treated like the human being that he is. After the officer explained to him why he had to stop the car, JME said

For that I don’t have to get out of my car it’s freezing cold…  I’m in heated seats, I didn’t pay for this car to stand by it

While the police checked his documents, JME turned to the camera saying

Got stopped again by police, got told driving a nice car in a not so nice area or something like that again… We’re in Barnet this time, so it’s not even Tottenham… he said there’s been burglaries, there ain’t been no burglaries man

Seems like JME has found himself some stalkers within the police force! We suggest you stick to driving Fiesta’s in future.