Kelly Rowland could probably get any man she wanted, but it seems the American singer has her eyes set on only one man. The Wonderman.

When asked by The Sun which celebrity she would like to kiss this festive season, the X Factor judge replied

 That would be Tinie. He has such gorgeous skin and the sweetest smile. You can totally kiss him under the mistletoe. That’s it – no one else. Just Tinie

And you couldn’t get a more categorical affirmation than that! No uncertain terms.

Now we all know that Sick Note Kelly loves her British boys and she previously collaborated with Tinie on his debut album Discovery, so the pair definitely have some history behind them. And despite their seven year age gap, we think they would make a darling couple.

What do you think? Would cougar Kelly and Tinie Tempah make a good celebrity couple? And what would their celeb name mashup be?