Krept and Konan performed at PDT’s Ice Scream Factory on 1 October in Nottingham and if there were ever a crowd that were so against YouTube banning the duo’s Otis cover, they were in Rock City last night.

The South London artists repeatedly shouted ‘F*ck YouTube’ as they performed Otis live and the crowd went wild. It was clear to see that despite the video being removed from YouTube, it’s effect was still apparent on the thousands of fans that turned up to see the talented rappers.

Krept and Konan were outraged when YouTube removed their Otis cover, which had accumulated over 5 million views. It was alleged that Jay Z paid the video sharing website to have it taken down due to copyright infringement.

There was no mention of Jay Z during the performance, but then again it takes some balls to give Jay Z the middle finger on stage in front of thousands of people especially when you kind of stole his song.

Well anyway it’s about time someone taught YouTube a lesson, we’re still finding it hard to forgive them after banning Grime Daily from their site. But the boys might want to keep in mind that they’ll most likely need YouTube to show the world their videos, so they might not want to sever relationships so soon.

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