Lady Leshurr has always been popular with the lads, so we were surprised to find out that anything could get in the way of her finding that special someone. The brummy star revealed her struggles to Tale Tela when asked what it’s really like being a female MC.

It’s hard in different situations… Choosing a partner becomes very restricted. I would say that’s the only thing that is hard about it, obviously we all do our thing we don’t think about what comes with the territory… For me, I’ve always wanted to settle down and have kids and get married and this career restricts me from doing any of that because I don’t know if the person I have found is real and wants to be with me because they love me or because I’m the ‘it’ person at that moment. It’s hard in that sense. Being a female MC has its ups and downs.

Probably more up’s than down’s though eh? We suggest Leshurr hooks up with someone in the industry and judging by the positive feedback she received following her sexy makeover we’re sure she wont be short of offers!