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Lady Leshurr recently hooked up with SB.TV for F64 and besides our awe at her amazing talent, we couldn’t help but notice how much her image has changed!

The diminutive Brummie rapper is looking far more glamorous than when she first stepped on to the scene. Comparing what she looked like in her first F64 back in 2010 and now, we truly believe that miracles do happen.

Lady Leshurr back in 2010 (left) when she did her first SBTV F64 and now (right)

No comparison…

I mean, what an upgrade!

Her change in jewellery choice makes her image more sophisticated and refined, we’re loving it. We’re going to have to get our resident fashionista Phoebe Rosetta to review Leshurr’s new style.

We started to notice Lady Leshurr’s subtle changes in style back in October when she stepped out in a sexy getup  and it looks like the transformation is now complete. We hope other femcees take note and step their game up because Leshurr is killing it!

F64 is an SB.TV show in which artists rap a freestyle over 64 musical bars to demonstrate their lyrical ability.

What do you think of Lady Leshurr’s new look?