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Lethal Bizzle is back on our television sets, but this time he’s not blabbering on about sales of his Dench T-shirts. Instead  he’s auditioning models for his new video on BBC Three’s Hot Like Us.

The programme sees aspiring model couples compete in various challenges that test the strength of their relationships in a bid to win a modelling contract and become, well, a ‘model couple’. Sounds to us like a cross between Tool Academy and Britain’s Next Top Model.

On episode three the hopefuls and their partners had to impress none other than Lethal B for a chance to be in his new video. Unsurprisingly, all the girls got parts as backing dancers, basically prancing around in cut off tops and hot pants.  Their boyfriends were left to watch on the sidelines as Bizzle made the most of the situation by chatting up the ladies.

This clip of the episode displays exactly the kind of thirst you would expect to see, as ballroom dancer (excuse us for laughing) Vaughn tried to pitch his girlfriend’s ‘talents’ to Lethal. Surely a grime artist is the last person you would want to have judging your girlfriend’s ass assets?

What do you guys think of Lethal B’s appearance on the show? Would you let your girlfriend be in his video?