Racism in football is very much still alive, despite what people (Sepp Blatter) might want to think. The latest victim being Manchester United defender, Patrice Evra.

Last month Liverpool and Uruguay striker Luis Suarez was accused of being racist towards Evra in their match at Anfield. Evra told French TV:

 There are cameras. You can see him saying a certain word to me at least 10 times. There is no place for that in 2011.

Suarez, the man who deliberately stopped the ball with his hand to eliminate Ghana in last year’s World Cup, denied the allegations (of course) and was reported saying:

I’m upset by the accusations of racism. I can only say that I have always respected and respect everybody. There were two parts of the discussion, one in Spanish, one in English. I did not insult him. It was just a way of expressing myself. I called him something his team-mates at Manchester call him, and even they were surprised by his reaction.

Suarez has even been so bold as to say that he expects an apology from Evra once he is cleared. Sorry to burst your slightly deluded bubble Suarez, but today the FA issued a statement declaring that they will be charging you as they believe a racist comment was made by you. Capiche? No, sorry that’s Italian isn’t it… Well…

The FA statement read:

The FA has today charged Liverpool’s Luis Suarez following an incident that occurred during the Liverpool versus Manchester United fixture at Anfield on October 15 2011. It is alleged that Suarez used abusive and/or insulting words and/or behaviour towards Manchester United’s Patrice Evra contrary to FA rules. It is further alleged that this included a reference to the ethnic origin and/or colour and/or race of Patrice Evra.”

Unsurprisingly, Suarez still intends to plead not guilty to this charge and his club have vowed to stick by him. Meanwhile an equally deluded man, FIFA president Sepp Blatter, has denied the existence of racism in football altogether.

We think it’s about time the FA took the matter more seriously and are actually charging someone.

What do you guys think of Suarez’s explanation?