Since the X Factor started in August, Pappzd have been intensively watching Misha B, and by that we mean her outfits! Let’s take a look at those special fashion moments. Misha B, this is your Wardrobe…

Week 1

Misha blew us away with her remix of Adele’s Rolling in the Deep, and she definitely grabbed our attention in week one with this tutu dress made of newspaper. And even though there was a bit of swagger jacking from Jessie J, after seeing this outfit we knew Misha would be one to watch!

Week 2

As Misha B stormed onto our screens in this MC Hammer inspired purple jumpsuit, we realised that she really does take serious risks with fashion. But honey, we can’t lie to you, we weren’t big fans of the Big Purple One.

Week 3

In Week 3 Misha rocked the stage in this leather outfit which made us reassess our thoughts on where the line lies between hooker and hot. And yh, maybe her skirt was a tad too short, but she sang so well we didn’t even care.

Week 4

Despite the irony of being dressed as the devil after being dubbed a ‘backstage bully’, Misha certainly made an entrance in this breathtakingly dramatic outfit, complete with a rhino horn and a single fake nail… Freaky!

Week 5

In week 5 Misha rocked a neat afro in homage to Tina Turner as she sang Proud Mary in a somewhat toned down outfit of leather leggings and an androgynous white blazer. And we must admit it was rather scary to see her looking, well normal.

Week 6

Misha B sang Lady Gaga’s Born This Way and kept to the ‘normal’ look she rocked in week 5. But the Mancunian singer couldn’t help but add a twist to what could have been a nice outfit. Shoulder pads are a thing of the past and we can’t seem to figure out why she has grown a blue sparkly tail!


Well there you have it. Six weeks of Misha B’s X Factor outfits. There was the good, the bad and the downright ugly, but what outfit was your favourite and what would you like to see in the bin?