Misha B’s estranged mother, Florence Bryan, has reached out to her X factor contestant daughter in a bid  to reunite after 19 years. Florence abandoned Misha and left her in the care of her sister, Misha’s aunt Lil.

Misha revealed in her first X Factor audition that her aunt Lil raised her and described her as ‘one of the greatest people’. Now Florence, a reformed heroin addict, has written a letter to Misha expressing how proud she is about her success on the show.

In the letter, which has been published in Now Magazine, Florence describes her struggle with heroin abuse, her time in jail, and her depression.

When I heard you say on the X Factor that you didn’t know your real mum, or why she abandoned you, I felt all the heartbreak from when I parted with you 19 years ago come flooding back… It was the hardest decision of my life. As a mother I wanted the best for you, and at the time I felt I couldn’t give you what you deserved… The depression I felt was crippling. I ended up trying heroin and before long I couldn’t stop. It’s an evil evil thing. I got in trouble with the police and ended up getting arrested… spent 21 months in prison and when I came out, I was off drugs. When I came to see you, you were calling my sister mum.

Misha hasn’t had the easiest ride on the X Factor. We’ve seen her branded as a bully and also fight for survival in the bottom two twice. Will this news test her emotions and strength to stay in the competition? Should she reach out to her mother? Share your thoughts.