New forensic evidence strongly suggests that Mark Duggan was not armed when shot dead by police officers in Tottenham earlier this year. A gun bought by Duggan on the same day was recovered 10 to 14 feet away from his body, on the other side of a low fence.

Duggan’s death on 4 August sparked the 2011 London riots which quickly spread to engulf cities across England. This latest news has raised more suspicions about the official version of events released to the public in the immediate aftermath of the killing.

Details surrounding the incident have always been questioned as the first public statements of the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC), the body which investigates all police shootings in England, appeared to give a warped account of events.

The IPCC had to correct the initial information it released, which was taken from the Metropolitan police, saying Duggan had fired his gun and that a bullet had lodged into a radio worn by a police officer. The IPCC later admitted the bullet was in fact most probably a deflected one fired by another officer.

Evidence suggests that Duggan purchased a firearm on the day he was shot. A box, believed to have contained the purchased weapon at some point, was found inside the taxi he had hired. However there is no evidence suggesting that this weapon was fired. Duggan’s fingerprints were found on the box, but not on the weapon.

The IPCC have  announced that two Metropolitan police officers are under investigation over whether the assault was investigated properly and have been placed on restricted duties . The Crown Prosecution Service are also considering whether any officer should face criminal charges.

An IPCC spokesperson said:

The ongoing IPCC investigation into the death of Mark Duggan is examining a range of issues. We are providing updates and, where possible, answers to the family of Mr Duggan. We would urge people not to rush to judgment until they see and hear the evidence themselves