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Pappzd have been waiting patiently for Cher Llyod’s latest song Dub on the Track, which we reported would feature Ghetts. But we got even more excited when Mic Righteous and Dot Rotten were added to the feature list.

We thought Cher Llyod was cooking up some master plan by getting all three MC’s to feature on her track and the 18-year-old even managed to cause some Twitter beef between Jammer and Ghetts before Scorcher announced he wanted to remix her current single.

So with all this drama we expected Cher’s tribute to the streets to be something epic, but like her dress sense it failed to impress.

The three MC’s were clearly the saving grace of the song and it probably would have sounded better without Cher’s vocals. We really wanted to be able to say Miss Llyod left us with our jaws on the floor, but to us this tune is more flop than pop.

What do you think? Are you a fan of Dub On The Track?