20-year-old footballer Nile Ranger was arrested and charged after a late night row whilst out in Newcastle.

Nile was caught disturbing the peace outside Newcastle’s Tup Tup Palace nightclub before being taken to the station for further questioning, the star was questioned for four hours after police claimed he was drunk and disorderly.

A police officer said

At 1.40am yesterday morning police arrested a man for being drunk and disorderly in the Cathedral Square area of Newcastle city centre

Nile’s arrest comes just days after he was told he will face court over an alleged drink-driving offence and days before he is due to answer bail over an alleged attack that left a man fearing he had a broken jaw.

Newcastle manager Alan Pardew wont be happy, Ranger was only recently reinstated to the first-team squad after a three-month exile with the reserves and now this!

Does this guy not know how to stay out of trouble?!