A 40-year-old Dwarf was spared jail after he was caught selling crack cocaine to an undercover policeman.  Judge Sarah Paneth seemed to be convinced by the fact that the 3ft 9in criminal would lose his home, ‘which is being refurbished in order to meet his physical needs’ if he were given an immediate custodial sentence.

Pele Watson was caught by the officer, who bought drugs from him outside an east London bookmaker. Watson initially told the officer that he wasn’t a drug dealer, but then a friend of his appeared from the shop asking if the officer had ever smoked ‘white’.

Watson then arranged to get some drugs for the officer and gave him an 0.17g rock of crack outside his flat in Tower Hamlets later on in the day.

Jeremy Rendle, Watson’s defense lawyer, claimed his client is addicted to drugs and suffers from schizophrenia and depression. Rendle also said Watson had not made any money from the offence.

But despite all the incriminating evidence, Watson was spared prison and only given a 12-month supervision order and drug rehabilitation.

What does one have to do to go to prison these days!