19-year-old rapper PW has been causing quite a stir within the music scene. With his latest single Sensible getting radio play from 1Xtra, Capital FM and Choice FM, we’re expecting big things from the north Londoner.

But it seem’s PW isn’t interested in the rap lifestyle. In a recent interview with TaleTela, PW was asked about what he believes are the  pro’s and con’s of rapping and said

Well a con would be that you get put in a box a lot. If someone asks me what do I do and I say I am a rapper they automatically think that you rap about guns and violence. Yes the industry is dominated by gangster rap, but you get put in box when people think that there is only one kind of rap, when there is actually more to the art than gangs and all of that.

Now anyone that’s heard any of PW’s material will know that he is the furthest thing from gangster rap ever, and as long as we don’t see him in a hoodie waving a gun around, it’ll stay that way.