Guilty of Possession: Philip Johnson, Tyrell Goather, Helal Miah

Members of the London gang who were the inspiration behind Channel 4 drama Top Boy, have been jailed after they were found guilty of possessing a sub-machine gun and its ammunition, which was found hidden near a children’s playground.

Tyrell Goather, 21, and Helal Miah, 17, were sentenced to a combined eight years in prison, while Philip Johnson, 18, was given a 12-month youth rehabilitation order at Snaresbrook Crown Court for possession.

The three criminals are thought to be members of the notorious Pembury Boys gang, whose turf war with the London Fields Gang, inspired the TV show Top Boy.

The Sterling 9mm weapon, which was linked to two non-fatal shootings in south London in 2009, was found on the Pembury Estate in east London following a commotion, after which around ten men dispersed. Suspicious officers, cycling past the play park searched the area and found the weapon wrapped in a plastic bag. Bullets, a kitchen knife and a balaclava were also found nearby.

Miah and Goather denied the charges, whilst Johnson admitted he was looking after the bullets for a friend. (We’ve heard that one before.)

Police believe they were left in charge of the weapon for the ‘older’ members of the Pembury gang.