X Factor reject Rebecca Ferguson had a right little rant with the Daily Telegraph about how ‘credible’ artists shouldn’t be out partying the night away like socialites with nothing better to do.

Now we never had Rebecca down as the boring type, but she’s starting to sound a bit like Leona ‘Look At Me’ Lewis. She said to the newspaper

Credible artists aren’t out raving on a Saturday night in posh West End clubs, letting everyone else decide their musical direction. They’re normally quite introvert.

“Posh’? Who says ‘posh’ anymore? Anyway, we’re guessing by credible artists she doesn’t mean JLS, The Saturdays or Tulisa, who are always out partying in London’s swankiest nightclubs. There, ‘swankiest’. A much better word.

Rebecca might want to be a bit more careful with her words in future before she offends someone. Or better yet, maybe her wise words will inspire JLS to hang up their party clothes and make some good music!