It seems that Bajan superstar Rihanna can’t come to the UK without causing trouble. First she pissed off half of northern Ireland and now she’s ruined a hotel room in one of London’s swankiest hotels!

The Umbrella singer allegedly forgot to turn off the taps in her £2,000 a night suite at The Savoy in central London, leaving the room looking like the shallow end of a swimming pool. The incident happened after Rihanna appeared on X Factor last Sunday. A source told People

The room where Rihanna was with her entourage flooded when the bath taps were left on. They all left the room and when they came back the carpets were wet through. There was no lasting damage but it took a while to dry out. All of the party were hugely apologetic.

We bet they were. Surprisingly the controversial singer didn’t get into too much trouble after being told by staff  ‘not to worry’. And of course there had to be someone who made a joke referring to Rihanna’s hit song Umbrella. The source added

People at the hotel were joking that those in the floor below would need umbrellas – just like Rihanna’s song in 2007

The things celebrities get away with.