A Second woman has died from injuries sustained at the same Northampton student party that killed Nabila Nanfuka last month.

Laurene Jackson died in hospital on Sunday following the stampede which crushed students at Northampton nightclub Lava and Ignite on 19 October.

The 19-year-old Kingston University student attended the coach rave and was amongst many others who were injured, when a DJ told club-goers to exit the venue because their coaches were leaving. More than a thousand students attended the event called DNA Presents Wickedest Wickedest which was due to go on until 4am in the morning. Emergency services were called to the scene at 3.37am.

Laurene Jackson was taken to hospital after the incident and has been fighting for her life ever since. Her death follows the loss of 22-year-old Nabila Nanfuka who died of her injuries hours after the stampede.

Student Crystal White, who was also caught in the crush, said she remembered being stamped on and fearing for her life. She told Pappzd Magazine

I was also caught in the rubble with masses of human body weight on me and I remember seeing a girl not flinching nor moving. There was another girl on top of me screaming “something is piercing me.” I myself felt the life being squeezed out of me through suffocation.

Lava and Ignite has closed down after the firm Luminar, which ran the venue, went into administration and a member of the event’s promotions team has been arrested by police on suspicion of a public order offence.