Ever since Sneakbo hinted that he needed a ‘long break’ back in August, rumours had been circulating that he had gone to prison. But it seems that his promising rap career has been his saving grace in this case, as it has now been discovered that his eight month jail term has been suspended in order for him to continue making music.

It was alleged that the 19-year-old from South London had gone to jail for looting in the August riots but the reality was not at all what we were expecting.

Sneakbo in fact had admitted to breaching his ASBO after he ‘aggressively threatened’ a woman whose husband was having an affair with his sister. Sounds like an Eastenders storyline to me.

He told the woman, who was with her 7-year-old daughter at the time, to leave his sister alone. Susan Hulme, prosecuting, told Inner London Crown Court:

He pointed at where the victims lived and said ‘I know where you live and if you don’t leave her alone I will kill you and your two children.’ He then put his forefinger on the woman’s head and the seven-year-old child’s forehead. The girl was so shocked at the aggressive approach that she cried.

Sneakbo’s defence, Hannah Stephenson argued in mitigation

He has been touted by the BBC and MTV as a rapper to watch. He is also discussing a recording deal with Universal/Mercury records. He understands he may go to custody and if that happens he will lose his management deal and his recording contract will have to be cancelled.

The court was asked to put Sneakbo under his manager’s supervision instead of serving time, so that he could carry on performing and escape the ‘troubled estate’ he grew up on. So Sneakbo has been ordered to live at his manager’s home in Waltham Cross, Essex. He doesn’t even have to wear an electronic tag since his work requires him ‘to be out at evenings’.

Recorder Ian Bourne QC said:

You are someone who has some talent [from] what I have read and heard about you. And you are fortunate in these times to have a job and support from your manager. I’m told all this is in jeopardy if I jail you today.

Sneakbo has since been on Twitter to reassure his fans that he is back:


The rapper has been extremely lucky given the circumstances and has effectively been given a ‘get out of jail free’ card. Let’s hope he gets straight back to doing what he does best.