Still to this day the Strictly Come Dancing Judge is banging on about how she wishes she had a bigger bum and says that her new DVD will help ladies celebrate their curves whilst getting in shape in time for Christmas. She told The Sun

There’s something lovely about having a bum and nice legs…I’m always saying I want a bigger bum  I’m weird. I want it out there…. wish we celebrated women in all their glory, in all their different shapes and sizes.

But surely if she wants a bigger bum than bringing out a fitness DVD isn’t the right way of getting one, I was thinking regular trips to Burger King to sort out her  flat back. Though I get the feeling that Alesha is a little health conscious so maybe she’s considering other ways of achieving that JLo jiggle, like maybe going under the knife?

Do you think that getting bum implants would  help her sort out her bum drama?