Reality TV star Tashie Jackson is starting to get a reputation for her daring and bold outfits, and these jeans are exactly what we needed to spice up our Sunday. Now if there were anyone that could pull off the ‘I Just Ran Through a Barbed Wire Fence in My Skinnies’ look. Then it would be Tashie Jackson.

The jeans, made by London based designer, Souzounoushi, took three days to make with the majority of the time probably being spent on figuring out how much of Tashie’s arse to expose!

Souzounoushi has also styled Young Moe, Cher Lloyd and Jahreen The Dream but we bet our bottom dollar that their outfits were no way as revealing as Tashie’s.

New outfits are already being made for the Big Brother star and we don’t know about you, but we cant wait to see them.