Looks like there was a Big Brother reunion yesterday, as Tashie Jackson partied the night away at Anaya nightclub in London with fellow ex housemates Maisy, Aden and Anton. Oh and Starboy Nathan was there too.

The night was hosted by one of our favourite Topboy’s: UK rapper Scorcher, as well as Tashie and Maisy and by the looks of their pictures, everyone seems to have had a good time.

And Tashie’s outfit didn’t disappoint either. The 21-year-old triple threat, who recently expressed her plans to make it in Hollywood, had her name emblazoned across her chest, in case anyone forgot who she was.

There was clearly still a bit of tension in the air between Maisy and Anton. Last month the blonde beauty was shocked after she found out that Anton had voted for her to leave and even though the music producer tried to apologise last night, Maisy was having none of it.

Drama aside, does anyone else think Tashie and Starboy Nathan would make a good couple? And what do you guys think of Tashie’s outfit?