Tinie Tempah still hasn’t given up his quest to make it big in America. After touring with Lupe Fiasco in the summer and collaborating with Wiz Khalifa on the single Till I’m Gone, Tinie has decided to release a US version of his hugely successful hit single Pass Out. It will feature a major player in the American rap game.

The annoying part is we still don’t know who the featured rapper is yet as Tinie is keeping quiet for now. However, The Sun reported that Labrinth said the secret artist will not disappoint.

I know who it is but I can’t tell you. He’s sick. It’s exciting. It will be insane.

We want to trust Labrinth on this one. We just hope this isn’t a repeat of Tinie’s Till I’m Gone Remix, in which he was forced to change his previously used verse as the lyrics were not quite ‘up to scratch’ for his American audience.

If this mystery rapper is as sick as Labrinth promises then Tinie may just have his secret weapon for making it big State side. But if all else fails, maybe he could get Adele to help him out. We all know the Americans love her.

Do you think Tinie will ever be successful in America? And who do you think the featured rapper could be?