Tinie Tempah seemed to have left all his gentleman ways and goody-two-shoes antics outside the studio doors at the filming of Nevermind The Buzzcocks last week.

The 23-year-old rapper, who featured as the episodes guest host, wasn’t afraid to crack a few jokes and throw in the little side dig about one or two celebs, including Louis Walsh and N-Dubz. He told the audience,

Gene Simmons has the longest tongue in the music industry, apart from the one Louis Walsh has up Simon Cowell’s arse.

Tinie soon got bored of poking fun at the X Factor judge and moved on to N-Dubz in a joke about American Rock musician Lou Reed,

Lou and his wife played a 20-minute set especially composed for dogs… The crowd were licking their backsides, sniffing each other’s arses, shagging everything that moved and shitting everywhere… it was very much reminiscent of an N-Dubz gig.

Ouch. I’m pretty sure that the N-Dublets wouldn’t find that last one as funny as he did. The episode will be aired on 28 November where you can decide whether Tinie was just following the Buzzcocks’ banter brief or if a little bit of his bitchy side was exposed.