The nation was in shock last night as X Factor judge Tulisa admitted she had never heard Aretha Franklin’s song Think, which was sung by returning act Amelia Lily.

Now we don’t expect the judges to know every song that has ever been produced, but we expected better of Tulisa.

Being a singer herself it’s a bit pathetic that she had never heard the powerful vocals of the queen of soul on this renowned track.

After the show she Tulisa took to her Twitter account to explain, reminding people that she was only 23-years-old and she only knew the classic songs that her parents used to play for her, which did not include Think.

We’re not sure if we accept age as the reason for this lack of musical knowledge. Perhaps it would have been better for Tulisa to have pretended she knew the song after all, since everyone else on Twitter seemed less than impressed. We spotted a few amusing responses

Let’s hope she does a better cover up when they sing Billie Jean or something.