Nadia Boukhari (left) John Green (right)

A woman has been jailed for  seven years for killing her lover with a hammer after he hit her in the face when she refused to give him a cigarette.

43-year-old Nadia Boukhari repeatedly beat 40-year-old Paul Duffy with a hammer in their Stoke Newington home, north London. He was left with a fractured skull. She told the jury that she suffered domestic violence at the hands of Duffy for two years.

The Old Bailey jury heard how Boukhari’s co-accused, John Green (who lived with the couple), stabbed Duffy with a knife before his skull was fractured by Boukhari, who was two months pregnant at the time. She miscarried a day after the attack.

The decision to give Green a life sentence, with a minimum tariff of 14 years, for murder and Boukhari seven years for manslaughter was made after the jury took just 3 hours to reach a verdict.

Judge Brian Barker QC,

The behaviour in that room was blind and selfish, and the catastrophic results all too familiar in these courts… In my view, your actions were a complete over-reaction to Mr Duffy’s aggressive and drunken behaviour. A life has been thrown away.

He told Boukhari,

You were the victim of an attack in the house and there was an element of both provocation and self-defence… But your reactive acts were totally disproportionate.

Judge Barker said Green had not intended to kill, but he was nevertheless sent down for murder.