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After Kano, Scorcher and Snakeyman all graced our television screens on Top Boy last week, it seems Wretch 32 wasn’t about to be left out of the runnings for a BAFTA.

The Don’t Go rapper will be making his television acting debut in an episode of teen soap Hollyoaks this Friday. However, when we say acting, we are exaggerating just a tad. Well, all right then, we’re exaggerating a lot. The MC will just be appearing as himself in a cameo role.

In the scene Hollyoaks character Bart McQueen (played by Johnny Clarke) dramatically interrupts the rapper’s performance of his Number One hit Don’t Go in order to announce his feelings for the love of his life Sinead O’Connor (Stephanie Davis), before she leaves town with her new man. How romantic.

As we can see in this behind-the-scenes video, Wretch does a good job at pretending to act surprised by Bart rushing on to the stage. And we’re told that the crowd actually had no idea it was being filmed. The scene was filmed live on Tuesday night while Wretch was performing at a private gig at Bankside Vaults in London.

Hollyoaks are backing Wretch 32’s appearance on the show so far that they even tweeted about it and have given it its own hashtag #Wretch32Invasion

And of course, the man himself is milking it too

And why not? Fair play to him, he deserves it. We wonder how the other rappers will react to Wretch 32 appearing on Hollyoaks. In his defence, he told The Sun

I’ve only ever acted in school so I couldn’t really ask for tips or the stars would have laughed at me. I’ve had to style it out.

Bless him. We think you did fine Wretch, although don’t be going to the BAFTA’s next year with your hands out. This might actually persuade us to watch an episode of Hollyoaks now. Or maybe we will just tune in to see this part.

Will you guys be turning on Hollyoaks to see Wretch 32? What do you make of his performance?