Ashley John-Baptise shocked X Factor fans when he left his group The Risk, allegedly due to his religious beliefs. His mentor Tulisa announced that Baptiste had left because he ‘couldn’t hack the pressure’ but a quick glance into the singer’s past has revealed that if there is anything he can hack, it’s pressure.

Baptiste was taken into care when he was four and moved from foster home to foster home. After completing his secondary education at a comprehensive school, the 22-year-old tried to apply to Cambridge university but was discouraged by his local council.

The local authority weren’t keen on me going at all. They thought it would be too expensive. If it wasn’t for my MP fighting for me, I wouldn’t have got the support I needed to go. I don’t feel bitter about it at all. They are constrained by bureaucracy. They made it harder for me to go, but I knew I was never going to settle for not going.

There’s a man who knows what he wants. John-Baptiste claims he made the difficult decision to leave The Risk because he wanted to succeed as a singer-songwriter in his own right, instead of with the boyband and seeing as the ITV show is borderline soap opera at the moment, we think he probably made the right decision.

And who knows, if he’s talented enough he’ll be signed to Syco in no time!