Despite his group The Risk being eliminated from the X Factor, ladies man Derry Mensah still hasn’t given up on hope of a romance with judge Kelly Rowland.

A month after leaving the competition Derry has made the most of his 15 minutes of fame by trying his luck with any girl he can. The 20-year-old apparently messaged ex TOWIE star Amy Childs in the desperate hope of getting to know her better and though we tried to delete it from our memories, the alleged story of his romp with fellow X Factor hopeful and lesbian Sami Brookes shocked us all.

But Derry still seems to be infatuated with Kelly, since confessing his love for her in the audition stage of the show. On Monday Derry tweeted to Ms Rowland:

Kellz? Skype?

Well nobody’s ever taken me on a Skype date before, we’ll be very surprised if he does get a message in his inbox.