X Factor hopeful Kitty Brucknell has been accused of racially abusing fellow conestant Derry Mensah.

The alleged incident occurred during a studio session. Kitty was laying on a sofa when 20-year-old Derry told her to move, this apparently angered Kitty who stormed out muttering

You evil black bastard, f*** you Derry.

Another singer witnessed the incident between them and Derry made a formal complaint to a member of the production team.

The 26-year-old Lady Gaga wannabe initially denied all allegations and claimed the issue had been resolved but X Factor bosses didn’t take it so lightly and opened a full investigation leading to Kitty being questioned.

A source explained

Kitty was resting on a sofa when Derry came in and demanded she move. He kept asking and pestering her to move. Kitty was furious and shouting about needing to sleep. She got up and stormed out. On the way out, she shouted at him before slamming the door

Kitty has since written Derry an apology note, she chose not to apologise face-to-face because Derry didn’t want to speak to her. A source told The Sun

In her letter, she said how sorry she was and that sue to lack of sleep she might have said something offensive – but she wasn’t sure because she was so tired. She told Derry she was really sorry for the argument and wants to be friends.

A show spokesman also said the issue had been resolved but with more fall outs, name changes, bitch fights and new members, X Factor is slowly turning into a bad soap.

Do you think this is just another sad stunt to improve the shows ratings or was the racism real?